How to write a nursing personal statement

How To Write A Nursing Personal Statement

Do you want to pursue a career in Nursing?

Is it your passion?

Then get ready to write a personal statement for it.

Most colleges or schools ask for this document and other personal documents during admission. It’s a type of essay which tells about your abilities and qualifications. You can see it as a ticket to a nursing school. Therefore, it should be appealing and impressive. Or your chances of securing admission will drastically be impacted.

We don’t want to terrify you, and hence, we are here to your rescue. If you are new to the terminology’ nursing personal statement’, don’t worry about it. Because all you need is our instructions guide to writing an excellent nursing statement.

What Are The Components You Need To Add To A Nursing Personal Statement?

As all documents require some specific elements in them. For example, a CV is incomplete without your personal information if you apply for a job. Similarly, below are the things that complete a personal statement.

If you want to become a nursing personal statement writer, keep these points in your mind for future use. 

Add Your Future Goals:

Your statement represents your interest in the nursing school and field.

Thus, it should contain your future goals. And your goals should be SMART, which means specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. Or the admission officer assumes you as a non-serious person. A goal like passing all the exams and securing a role as a nurse in a great hospital is a SMART one.

Education & Certifications:

Education plays an integral part in the admission process. Therefore, clear your previous grades before applying or else you won’t be eligible for a nursing college. Write about your courses and what you learn from them. It will make your document attractive. Write about the degree and certificates if you have achieved any.

Therefore, it’s essential to add it to your essay.

Volunteer Work Or Achievements:

If you have any achievements, certificates or volunteering work proof, then you can add that to your personal essay. It’s optional, but it strengthens your position as an ideal candidate and also shows your determination and dedication.

Work Experience:

Admission officers prefer students with work experience because those students are experienced and familiar with the required field. Therefore, add the skills you learned during your previous work to support your essay.

Personal Motivation:

Telling about what motivates you for a particular field can make a great impression on others. Hence, tell a relevant story that inspires you. Moreover, you can also tell about the emotional values that attach you to this career. For example, you can write that you love to help other people or your father is a nurse and you want to become like him. Or you can tell an incident with a nurse which motivates you to become one.


You can talk about the relevant skills you learned and tell how they will help you in your nursing career. You can tell about your communication, interpersonal, and decision-making skills. Furthermore, there are many other soft skills that you can include to make your file pleasing.


Your traits will show what type of person you are, so add them to your personal statement. It will help the officer to know more about you. Add qualities like honesty, empathy, hardworking etc. and tell about a situation to support those traits. 

Now that you know what to include in your document, it is time to start writing one. 

How To Write A Nursing Personal Statement

Some people take it hard to express things about themselves. Therefore, they see writing a personal statement as a complex task. Thus, for their ease, there are many companies that sell these types of documents. It’s a relief when there is an option to buy personal statement instead of writing one.

But if you want to try to write it on your own and test your skills, then our step-by-step guide will help you. Keep reading.

Research The Program Or School:

Whenever we sit to write something, the first step is always to do some research. Hence, investigate about the program, its objective, its courses and rules and regulations before writing a personal statement. It will help you to write things accordingly to make your personal statement different from others. It will also show that you have researched well before applying.

Brainstorm What You Will Write:

After doing thorough research, make pointers about what to add to your statement. Brainstorm ideas, stories and bullet points to include. Then make a list and incorporate the above components into your ideas.

Make A Rough Draft:

First, start writing with an introduction; explain why you want to join this field. You can portray this with a story.

Then, jump into the central part of your nursing statement, which is “the body”, where you can tell about yourself in different paragraphs. Tell about your education and skill with the evidence to support them.

In the next paragraph, you can tell about your work experience and capture the interest in telling why you are an ideal candidate.

And lastly, you can conclude by telling your interest in the school or program.

Make a roughly written document of your statement for the final step. 

Editing And Proofreading:

It is a significant step in the writing process, so you can’t skip it. Most people don’t consider it, and that’s why they get rejected.

When your file is ready, arrange it in a format. Make a title page, and add all the required information. Then proofread it. Check all the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or irrelevant words. Don’t overuse fancy words.

Make your document understandable and easy to read, while attractive. Ensure it summarizes everything correctly, and the length should not be too long; it should be standard size.

Finally, your personal statement is ready for submission to the best nursing schools in the UK.


Choosing a career path in which you have passion is essential for a satisfying life.

Therefore, if becoming a great nurse is your goal, you must work on yourself to prove it.

The first step in a career journey is to be admitted to a relevant and well-known institute.

But for this purpose, you have to learn how to write a personal statement, and in this process, our guide will help you with your creativity and convincing skills. With the help of all the steps mentioned above, we are sure that you will write a winning nursing statement. And indeed, you will get admission and ace in your career.

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