University Admission interview tips

University Interview Tips For Successful Admission

One main step in getting into your dream university is the interview process. Many top colleges in the world conduct interviews as a main part of their application process. The students meet the representative or the admission officer to talk about themselves and share their interests. For the applicants, it is crucial to prepare for this step as it can work as a deciding factor in their admission. The course instructors and the university officials evaluate and observe the abilities and behaviour of the student. They make sure that the applicant is educated and mannered enough to be a good fit for their university.

Not every educational institute has the interview process, but if you are interested in getting admission to a university that focuses on this step, then knowing these tips can be helpful. So let’s not wait anymore and dive into the blog to learn all the techniques that can help you stand out from other candidates.

Top Tips And Techniques You Need To Know To Give Your Best In Your University Interview

Know The Type Of Interview That You Will Give

University interviews are of two major types either informative or evaluative. Before going for the interview, students should know about the kind of interview that they will give. Evaluative ones are in order to get admission to prestigious and famous universities like Oxford or Harvard. In this type, the admission officers evaluate the overall performance of the student.

However, in informative, communication is two ways, and you also get a chance to learn about the institute. The university representative is also keen to impress you, so you make them your first option. Preparing for both types of interviews is equally important. There are different approaches that you can use to ace your interview. 

Learn The Ways You Can Stand Out From Other Candidates 

It is important to remember that you are not the only student that will give the interview. There are a large number of potential candidates that can take your place in your dream university. Before giving the interview, you need to learn methods that can help you outshine all other students. The first thing is good research. Knowing about the institute, its courses and its values can help you give more structured and meaningful answers.

This can leave a strong impression on the admission officer and improve your chances of securing a place in the institute. One good way to gain information about the university is to go through its website. Read the goals and values that align well with yours and add them to your answers. Don’t forget that doing homework can make a big difference and can pay off well.

Review Your Personal Statement In Detail Before The Interview

The officers that are conducting the interview will most likely ask you questions related to the things that you have added in your personal statement. It can be about a certain event, incident or hobby mentioned in the personal essay. Before submitting the document, the best practice is to save a copy and reread it when you are preparing for the interview. This tip is highly important if you have hired personal statement services for your statement of purpose. Not knowing what is included in the document can make the interviewers doubt your abilities and leave a bad impression.

Plan The Answers To Common Interview Questions Beforehand 

We all know that a few common questions and topics are must-ask in every interview. One important technique is to practice and plan the answers to these questions beforehand. Some of them could be such as Tell me about yourself, why this is the right course for you and more. Students can google some effective answers and use the structure to create a compelling answer that can make them the ideal candidate.

If you are applying to any international university, then it is obvious that the interviewer will be interested in knowing the reason why you want to study abroad, how you will adjust and why they should consider you. You can do some forward planning to answer these questions smoothly. However, please don’t overdo it, as your words should sound natural, not rehearsed.

Dress Accordingly To Leave A Good Impression 

Practising for a university interview can be stressful for students. They spend their time preparing the answers, reading about the institute and planning how to showcase their communication skills. In all of this, most of the students get so busy that they don’t think much about their dress for the interview. If you are competing for a spot in your dream college, then making the right first impression counts. 

We agree that academic factors are important, but the way you present and dress yourself also matters. To select an outfit, you need to consider the culture of the institute. For instance, in art school, the dress is mostly casual with hints of colours, whereas, in business school, you have to wear formal. Nowadays, universities have made the life of students easier by specifying the dress requirements. But if you are not sure what to wear, the right way is to choose something in neutral colours that is smart and comfortable.

Gather Information About The Chosen Subject 

There is a high chance that your future course instructors will conduct your interview. Keeping this in mind, having information about your selected course is essential. To make sure that you pass the interview, you need to deliver your motivations and interest in choosing the specific course. For instance, if you are going for a business degree interview, you can read the latest news and view important points regarding the stock market and real-life examples. If you have hired a business personal statement writer for your SOP, then further exploring the topics mentioned in the document can also be helpful. This can draw the attention of the interviewer and can make you a memorable candidate.


The impression that you leave in an interview is the top most important thing in your application process. It can give a chance to an admission officer to know you better as a person. It also works as an opportunity for students to show their capabilities and skills. The interview process might sound challenging, but with the right tips, like preparing early, practising questions, dressing well, and others, you can give your best. Just remember that there is no such thing as a perfect interview. The best way is to relax and give all the answers with clarity and confidence.

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