How to apply to Oxford University

How To Apply To Oxford University

The University of Oxford comes in the list of one of the world’s best English-speaking universities. Great minds like Albert Einstein, Adam Smith, and Stephen Hawking studied at this prestigious university. With around 20 thousand applicants every year, Oxford marks its way to being the most popular university in the UK. However, we all know that Oxford University is quite selective when it comes to selecting students. We must say that getting admission to this university is a challenging task. The acceptance rate of students is less than 20%, and for international students, it is only 9%.

But don’t get demotivated; if you dream of studying at this amazing university, knowing all the admission process details can help you accomplish your dream. In this blog, we have compiled the whole process and steps you need to understand in the admission process. So read on!

The Ultimate Guide To Admission Process At Oxford University

Choose the Course That Builds Your Interest

The first step in the admission process is choosing the right subject or course. To enjoy your time in university, you need to explore all the options that are available. You have to stay and study for almost a year to get a proper degree and to make your workload lighter; you need to enrol in the right course.

Craft a Compelling Personal Statement

A personal statement is an essay, also known as SOP that the candidate writes to the admission team of Oxford University. The essay includes all the essential information about the applicant, such as vision or goals, personal info, academic performance and personal interest. It works as a deciding factor in your admission process. The SOP tells the admin officer why the student is the best candidate for the specific course.  

In the UCAS application, you have to keep your focus on personal learning and development rather than writing about high grades or certificates. This part of the admission process is important as it builds an image of the student as a person. If you lack writing skills, then you can use online writing tools and type “write my personal statement“.  In a few seconds, you can get creative ideas to write an SOP. 

Make a Profile on UCAS to Fill the Application 

The first step to start the application process is to make a profile on the UCAS platform. The candidate should have personal data, academic grades, and other scientific achievements to start with the profile. To complete the application, you will need other information such as a personal statement with all your skills, any special situation, reports of any medical issue or disability and references from professors. 

Give the Required Admission Tests 

In the process of learning the admission steps of Oxford University, we can’t forget the main part, which is the admission tests. There are several courses and degrees that require the student to take an admission test. The marks on these tests decide whether the candidate has good knowledge and is the right fit. To find out all the details about the test schedule and the deadline, you can check the official website of Oxford University. You should prepare beforehand and build an extensive knowledge of topics.

Prepare Well For Thinking Skills Assessment

Being the most popular university around the world, Oxford receives applications from highly capable students. All these applicants are students with high grades, professional personal statements and credible references. That is why it becomes difficult to choose the best one. To tackle this problem, Oxford University has a test called thinking skills assessment. It is a two-hour-long test based on critical thinking. The test decides whether students have knowledge of subjects like management, philosophy, human science and other majors. It ranks the applicants based on their thinking ability.

To get admission to Oxford, this step is crucial for every candidate. You should prepare well for the test if you want to stand out from other candidates and secure a seat. After giving the test, you can find your results on Oxford’s official admission test website.

Get High Bands in English Language Test 

To get admission to bachelor’s or postgraduate programs, you need to be proficient in the English language. Especially if you are an international student, then proving your English speaking and writing skills to the admission officers is important. The most popular exam is IELTS, which is common all over the world. You need to achieve good bands in IELTS to get admission to your dream university. To prepare for the IELTS, you can get help from experts, such as essay writers or personal statement writers, to learn to structure and advanced English.

Give Your Best In The Interview Process

After you are done with the written admission test, then come the interviews. The course tutors handle the interview process. They look for candidates that can be the perfect fit for the course. The interview evaluates the overall level of knowledge of the students and their interest in achieving the aims and goals. Not everyone gets the chance to give an interview at this prestigious university. That is why you should prepare well. You can abide by the following tips to clear your interviews effortlessly:

Practice your English-speaking skills:

The interview in Oxford is in English, which is why the primary step is to bring fluency to your English speaking skills. You should be able to give detailed answers freely in good words. To get fluent, you can listen to podcasts and read books to build vocabulary. 

Gather Details About Your Chosen Study Program 

To perform well in the interview, you should gather all the necessary details of your study program. The interview is taken by potential tutors, which is why there is a chance that they will ask questions related to your course. 

Level Up Your Confidence

The last important tip is to show that you are a confident candidate. Don’t forget that your abilities and skills are the key factors in your interview at Oxford University. Make sure that you convey to the admission officers that you are an interesting person with high aims and goals.


Oxford University has rich traditional history and a new approach to studies. This makes it the best institution present worldwide. Studying at Oxford University is a goal of many students. But people think that it is difficult to get admission to Oxford. However, this is not the case. The acceptance is low, but you should give it a try. We have compiled all the steps in the admission process, so read them out and get your degree from your dream university.

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