Best Skills To Add in a Personal Statement - MUST Include These

Best Skills To Add in a Personal Statement – MUST Include These

A personal statement is a vital part of the admission process as it helps to sell a candidate successfully to their desired university. It is a letter in which you convey why you want to study there and what you hope to gain from the program. Moreover, it is a chance to let the admission panel notice your unique talents and experience. This document is an opportunity to open up about your goals and passions.

However, when composing a personal statement, it should have a perfect combination of ‘skills.’ One must consider what skills to mention in the document, how to write them, and why they are vital. Thus, a quick answer is that you must mention abilities that showcase your suitability to the program and knowledge related to the subject. This blog will take a deeper dive into four skills that can help you make a compelling and professional personal statement.

4 Must Include Skills In A Compelling Personal Statement

1. Showcase Your Mastery Within Your Subject

The admission panellist will want to see strong evidence of the subject knowledge of candidates. So, you must showcase your relevant, tangible skillset developed over time related to academic and practical education. Mentioning how you have acquired that knowledge from your experience and engagement outside of your official curriculum will be a plus point. An expert SOP writer suggested demonstrating your practical experience of volunteering and field research trips in a relevant context will increase your chances of admission.

Moreover, if you have any suitable work experience or internships undertaken, it will also serve as a cherry on top. If you have created any products or companies related to your discipline, mentioning it in your statement will also benefit you. The key is to highlight the excellent skillset you possess related to your subject knowledge and show how it developed. Also, describe how it will add value to the course you are applying for.

2. Prove Your Suitability With Academic Skills

If you are applying for a degree level or beyond that, the university will need to see evidence of your academic suitability. They do not just want to see your subject knowledge but your broader educational ability. Thus, you can demonstrate that in the best way possible by breaking them down into three sections: Research, analytical, and comprehension skills. The research abilities involve using existing sources of information efficiently for the collection of information. The analytical skills may include drawing conclusions from the gathered data and applying them in the text.

Furthermore, the comprehension ability allows the person to demonstrate their arguments and their investigation logically. Now when it comes to highlighting these three capabilities, don’t mention them individually. Instead, approach all three wisely in a single point. It should represent how you researched the topic, analyzed the gathered information and presented it.

3. Highlight Your Soft Skills

Long ago, academics considered transferable or soft skills insignificant but it is not the same case anymore. In 2023, the admission panel and recruiters want their candidates to have abilities that enable them to thrive in stressful environments. Here are a couple of transferable skills that personal statement writing services mention to increase the entry chances of their clients:

  • Punctuality
  • The power to study independently
  • Creativity
  • Motivation along with dedication
  • Pressure management
  • Awareness of personal financial matters

Whenever you mention your soft expertise, avoid writing them in a list format. Instead, highlight them in a way that represents how each one of them is valuable to you and everyone around you.

4. Demonstrate That You Have the Right Skills To Succeed In The Future

Lastly, demonstrate that you have the right abilities that will help you succeed in the future. Think of the expertise that will benefit you after your graduation and if you possess them, highlight it in your document.

Some of the typical ones include:

  • The capability to work flexibly and successfully from different locations
  • Verbal, physical, and written communications skills
  • Decision-making power and experience
  • A good understanding of the application of relevant technologies
  • The ability to maintain a healthy balance between personal and work life
  • The know-how to create multiple income streams
  • Knowledge of the challenges and opportunities within the industry

The demonstration of your existing expertise lets the admission panel know that you will complete your course. Plus, it also shows that you have a strong purpose and the right strategy to ace your career after graduation.

Wrapping Up

With this, we described all the four best skills to include in a personal statement for a 99% success rate. Start writing your effective personal statement document by highlighting your suitability with the academic skillset, then showcase the mastery of your subject knowledge. Later, mention your transferable abilities. Lastly, prove that you possess all the capabilities required to succeed in the future. Want the best results but doubt your composing abilities? Reach out to professionals for a top-notch letter of introduction.

Good luck with your admission process!

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